Applying Varathane to Unfinished Hardwood

Next comes the Varathane.

Spend the Money… Cheap varathane will not last. Buy the professional quality varathane for a durable finish.


We are using a paint tray with a liner, a broom handle and a wool varathane application head. Rule #1, Apply the varathane in even coats with the grain of the wood. #2 Maintain a wet edge. #3 don’t paint yourself into a corner!


Slow smooth motion will avoid air pockets within the finish.


Don’t apply too much at a time or you will have puddles. Give it 3 or 4 good even coats for a durable finish. Again, I can’t stress this point enough. $30.00 varathane will not last as well as $100.00 varathane. The better materials are nearly often worth the extra money!