Frequently Asked Questions on Laying a Floor

Perfectly laid floor

Can you lay our floors on a cement basement?
Yes you can. Place 6 mil plastic on the cement floor. Use 4’x8′ T&G Fir or Spruce plywood. You can use Tap cons to fasten plywood to the cement. Now you are ready to lay our floors by gluing the backs and nailing through the tongue.

Can you lay our floors on hot water heated floors?
Yes You Can. Use 2 x 6 Spruce construction lumber cut 1 1/2″ wide x 1″ thick strips. These strips are nailed to the plywood sub floors every 12 O.C. The floor can be glued (with PL 400) and nailed to the strips.

How to lay and finish our floors.
PL 400 construction glue is applied to the back side of the board. Our floors are T&G so you nail the tongue as you would any floor.

You can rent the nailer at any rent all store.The sanders are either plate sander (if you are inexperience) or the drum sander for the more experienced. Some people wish to “distress” their pine floors. They do this by hitting it with chains etc, and even using square headed nails to give it that very “old fashioned” look.

Because our floors are dried to 6% you do not need to climatize the floor for 3 weeks in the home before laying it. By doing so you could actually pick more moisture up. Once you receive our floor it is ready to be installed.

If you would like to have us organize the installation of your floor we have a number of qualified installers to assist you.