Is the Butternut Tree a Species at Risk?

Endangered Provincially and Nationally, the Butternut tree or also known as White Walnut is suffering from an incurable disease that is quickly wiping out the species.

The main threat to the Butternut is a serious fungal disease called Butternut Canker, which was first found in Ontario trees in 1991. It has been traced in North America for approximately 50 years.  The disease is thought to have arrived in infected plants imported from overseas. A similar blight was responsible for wiping out both the American Chestnut and the American Elm.

Once the fungus takes over, the tree dies within a few years of infection.  Colling-wood Flooring has recently been able to get permission to cut down some of the dying Butternut from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

The butternut species is relatively short lived, rarely living longer than 75 to 100 years of age and the disease is found in an astonishing 90% of the Butternut in Ontario alone.  Unfortunately, the trees have disappeared from many parts of the United States and Canada.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources there is no cure for the Butternut Canker disease so order now, as it may be your last chance!  Colling-Wood Flooring has approximately 10,000 square feet.

Merv Gardner started Colling-Wood Flooring in 1990. He is a special man with a heart for wood and for 40 years, Merv has been honing his woodworking skills and now has his star pupil and daughter Lisa working at his side.

Written by: Melanie Vollick

Writing for several years with experience in newspaper, newsletter, website, magazine, technical and business writing, Melanie is an accomplished columnist, editor and proof reader.  Her aptitude for approaching many styles and genres of writing allow her to present incomparable written documents in a timely manner, while developing a strong presence for her clients.

For more information or to order your one of a kind, butternut flooring, please feel free to give Merv or his daughter Lisa a call – (705) 445 1147.

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